About Riven

Riven is a group of friends that also consider themselves strong raiders on the Firetree server; focused on progressing in content and ultimately beating the game through frequent, organized raiding, and making this game a bigger experience than just a game.

The members of this guild are to show themselves to be honorable and fair in all dealings with non-guild members, and must show a fierce loyalty to the brothers and sisters of the Riven in particular.

The mission of Riven is to create and nurture a community for those who share our ideals and goals. Honor among guild members is of paramount importance. We're here to have fun, zerg the shit outta horde, laugh until there's tears in our eyes, tear shit up and mow through content.

After beating the game in BC, Riven is now an inactive guild. Most have moved on to more active raiding guilds. We still call this a place to talk to our friends, but we are not recruiting at this time.

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